Clean It Up.

To kick off spring (even though there is currently snow on the ground) I thought what better way than to begin with some much needed cleaning and organizing?

Spring cleaning can often be overwhelming. The chaos and cold of wintertime often causes the deeper cleans of our home to be ignored. I know when it's 32* I would rather cuddle on the sofa than clean out the fridge.

So when you get started with your list of chores to get your home ready for warmer weather, start simple.

1. Pick one room, focus on one particular task and finish that before moving on to something else. For example, if you notice your office has become cluttered with winter gear and piles of paperwork from taxes and leftover Christmas receipts, pick one thing to tackle first. I know I often get overwhelmed by the many things that need to be done in one room, however if you give all of your attention to one thing at a time, you're more likely to get to everything sooner rather than spread yourself thing doing half of each needed task.

2. Prioritize. You can shut the door of the guest bedroom and temporarily hide the mess, but it's much harder to ignore a crazy entryway or a disheveled bathroom. Start with the rooms that get the most use. They more than likely have also gotten the most mess.

3. Don't try to do everything in one day. Whether you live in a small, one story apartment like us or a large 5 bedroom house, it's impossible to get to every nook and cranny in one day. And if you are able, you're probably missing some mess.

Good luck with those ever growing lists + may they get smaller with each day!